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Checkers V+


★ Top Developer, almost 2 million downloads of Checkers!Steeped in history, Checkers has been a favourite board game for centuries. With support for over 10 different variations of Checkers including American, International, Italian and Russian Checkers and over 10 levels of play Checkers V+ is your ultimate Checkers companion.
★★★★★ Very good game one of the best in smartphones and its free★★★★★ I find this Checkers, magnificent
Checkers V+ supports over 10 different variations of the modern game:
American Checkers
American Checkers with 3-move opening.
English Draughts
Junior Checkers – captures are NOT mandatory
International Checkers
Brazilian Checkers
Czech Checkers
Italian Checkers
Portuguese Checkers
Spanish Checkers
Russian Checkers
American Pool Checkers
Suicide Checkers, see if you can lose all your pieces first !
FORCED CAPTURES: If you do NOT want to play games with forced captures choose the 'Junior Checkers' game type. The official rules of all other Checkers variants require forced captures.
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